Angelita cenote Mexico Rivers Under the Sea

Maybe this is a miracle in this world that is extraordinary or maybe a mystery, the last few days, we in the news hebohkan FOUND IN THE DEEP RIVER, from one person to another to spread without any prior verification, even if they search for keywords who used the internet remains the same "RIVER OF THE DEEP" is precisely what makes them more confident, because that was found was the same story.
Here is information that can power about DOWN RIVER SEA.

There are places in Mexico called cenote Angelita, Angelita cenote is a flooded cave. This cave is the miracle of the 2 layers of water. The first is a layer of 30 meters of fresh water, at a depth of 60 meter salt water changes. This in itself is a sign of the greatness of Allah, the Almighty. Then there is the cave at the bottom of a river complete with tree branches. Now this is what later became news RIVER UNDER THE SEA.
flow of fresh water or gas containing H2S Hydrogen Sulfide. WHAT Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)?
according to experts Hydrogen sulfide, H2S, a colorless gas, toxic, flammable, and smells like rotten eggs. These gases can arise from biological activity when bacteria break down organic material in a state without oxygen (anaerobic digestion), such as in swamps, and waste. This gas also appeared on the gas arising from volcanic activity and natural gas.
Hydrogen sulfide or H2S is a toxic gas. This gas can be found dissolved in sea, lake or river water. At sea or in lakes or rivers, this gas comes from the sulfate reducing bacterial activity in anaerobic environment or a low oxygen environment. anaerobic conditions at three environments in essence, a few inches feet below the surface of the bottom sediments, or in environments that have poor water circulation so that the environment lacks oxygen.

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